Are our water bottles safe?

You’ve heard the news, in December Vancouver-based Mountain Equipment Co-op became the first major Canadian retailer to pull polycarbonate containers from its store shelves. Lululemon Athletica Inc., also Vancouver-based, announced plans later the same month to stop selling plastic water bottles that contain bisphenol A. However many of us who are active continue to drink water and other beverages from these types of bottles, perhaps not yet convinced they pose any danger or not yet sure what other alternatives exist. To help shed some light in this issue we have gathered below a few resources to look at.

On bisphenol A


Sigg Switzerland Inc. and Klean Kanteen are two prominent bottle makers that specialize in making aluminum and stainless steel bottles. The Gear Junkie has written a great review on these bottles, you can read it here. Other alternatives include the New Wave Enviro metal water bottle and the Peddler’s Wagon’s metal water bottle.