Jeff Hunt and Bob Wall are first to run North Coast Trail

On Saturday, May 10th, Jeff Hunt and Bob Wall became the first people to run Northern Vancouver Island’s brand new North Coast Trail. It took the two runners 11 hours to complete the 60k adventure. Following is an excerpt from Jeff’s blog on his experience running the trail..


Wow. What an adventure.

Before I begin this post, I know many people will be reading this report trying to gain information about the trail, either for hiking, camping or running purposes, so I will try and deliver all the information I know from my recent experience. I would also like to thank my family, Peninsula Runners , Prarie Inn Harriers Running Club , and Cape Scott Water Taxi for their support with this recent running adventure. Most importantly, I would like to thank both Strategic Forest Management and the Northern Vancouver Island Trails Society who spent the last 10 years fundraising and constructing the trail. Without their efforts, there would simply not be a trail.

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