Top Ten Reasons to Snowshoe this winter

Snowshoeing on the local north shore mountains

Bears hibernate in winter – not people! Don’t use the winter months as an excuse to settle into your armchair in front of the TV. Head to the local mountains and play in the snow. Snowshoeing is one of the best winter activities, and here’s why …

  1. Great cardio work-out! Because of the resistance of the snow, you can actually burn off more calories snowshoeing than you can walking or running at the same pace. Burn off those post-Christmas calories.
  2. Build muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Throw in a set of poles and it becomes an all-body workout.
  3. Good cross training for marathon runners, endurance racers, hikers and cyclists.
  4. It’s fun and easy. If you can walk, you can snowshoe – no classes needed.
  5. Snowshoeing is a relatively inexpensive sport – buy a pair of snowshoes and off you go!
  6. Enjoy the great outdoors! Take advantage of our outdoor winter playground and escape the city and the rain.
  7. Varied workouts; snowshoe on hard-packed flat terrain for an easier workout, or break trail in powder on the hills. Try snow running for a more intense activity.
  8. Low impact – and easy on the knees, as the snow absorbs the shock and provides a soft landing if you fall. Pulled muscles or injuries are rare.
  9.  Good for all ages and fitness levels – from kids to grandpas, from elite athletes to beginners.
  10. Make it social! Snowshoe with friends or family, and combine good company with a great workout and beautiful scenery.

Where to snowshoe around Vancouver

Mount Seymour: First Lake Loop or Dog Mountain, or snowshoe up the mountain, parallel to the ski slope.

Grouse Mountain: try the SnowShoe Grind from the top, or take the Blue Grouse Loop, or head for Dam Mountain – a pristine loop of three main trails that circle Dam Mountain and Thunderbird Ridge.

Cypress/Hollyburn: Starting from the Cypress cross-country ski area, head up the mountain for the 7km hike to the peak. Enjoy a stunning view of Vancouver, the Burrard Inlet, and the Lions off in the distance. Or, for an easier workout enjoy the forest snowshoe trails in the cross country ski area and pop into the lodge for a glass of wine.

From the downhill area, Black Mountain is another great destination.

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