Trainharder’s Top Ten Christmas Gifts – #10 – a good bottle of red wine!

wineEven hard-core athletes can take the day off on Christmas Day, and enjoy a few glasses of good red wine!  Red wine has lots of health benefits  apparently:

Red wine contains melatonin, which regulates the body clock and can help you sleep, and melatonin is also known to be an anti-oxidant.

A compound in red wine called resveratrol has been shown to increase lifespan in animal studies, as well as protecting against Alzheimer’s disease.   Resveratrol has also been found to lower Cholesterol.

Research has shown that moderate red wine consumption can reduce the risk of lung cancer, prostrate cancer and breast cancer, according to this blog

Researchers have found that people who drink red wine have fewer colds

Merry Christmas everyone!


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