MicroSpikes – no more slipping and sliding!

kahoolaConditions outside are pretty horrible these days, especially in the Lower Mainland. With snow, slush and ice threatening to topple you every step of the way on your walk, hike or run, you may want to consider getting yourself a pair of Kahoola MicroSpikes this winter.  This innovative product is great for the mountains; flexible, easy to slip on any shoes or boots and light enough to carry around in your backpack.

MicroSpikes give you traction on the snow and ice and reduce the odds of slipping and sliding while running or hiking in the snow.  It’s a great alternative to snowshoeing, especially when the snow is hardpacked as it often is in the North Shore Mountains.  I’ve tried it on the Snowshoe Grind at the top of Grouse Mountain a few times and I find them to be much more effective than snowshoes.

MEC stocks them, and I am sure other outdoors shops in the Lower Mainland do as well.

For more information on Kahoola Microspikes, check out their website here.


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