Hokas, Injinji socks and Petzl headlamps lead the way ..

wserEach year, the Western States 100 mile race organizers ask runners to fill in a quick survey on their equipment, coaching, whether they use pacers etc, to find out what’s hot and what’s not in the ultra scene.  Really interesting stats come out of this that give us an insight on best practices, what to rush out and buy, what gadgets to skip etc.

Here are some highlights from the 2015 race – and feel free to check the website for the full stats.

Hokas lead the way for the second year  – as almost 35% of runners choosing Hoka as their brand of choice, and this percentage held up across the board for under-24 hour finishers and those who finished under the 30 hour limit.

Here’s an interesting one .. the number of years of experience does not correlate to a faster or slower finish time.

The stats show that it is possible to finish without a crew and/or pacer – although it seems most prefer to have some support .. 8.8% finished without crew, 12.2% without a pacer and a hardcore 4.2% without either!


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