Mount Baker 50 – Gratitude for the Process

mtbakerGreat blog post from Sheryl Preston, a full-time rowing coach at UBC, who used to row competitively for Canada and took up ultra running a few years ago.

Our capability to adapt to challenge continually amazes me.

The sport of ultramarathon; running 50km+ distances over challenging, mountainous terrain, scaling 1000’s to 10,000’s of feet of elevation with hundreds of other people, may just sound like a sport for the crazy folk…

Yes, there may be some degree of legitimacy with the crazy, but my personal enticement with the sport of ultramarathon is the process of searching for that human limit and then witnessing the remarkable ability of the human body and mind to cope, adapt and surpass that very limit.  This applies to so much more than just the sport, it relates to life…

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