5 unique last-minute Christmas gifts for athletes ..

Christmas is just around the corner, and you still haven’t bought that special present for your sporty brother, or your athletic boyfriend, or for your sister who runs marathons!  Here are a few last minute ideas to help you:


Never know where to stash your medals?  Problem-solved! Custom medal hangers: Elite Medal Design, a Vancouver-based company, makes unique race medal hangers in various designs.  Choose how many rows you need (are you talking one or two medals, or fifty?), and which sport, and Elite Medal Designs has the perfect gift for you.

Find lap swimming tedious?  Who doesn’t?  Try the Waterproof iPod shuffle, with waterproof swimbud headphones.  Designed for swimmers, water lovers and runners in the rain!  This gift will make your swim workouts way more fun!   Switch between your favourite tunes, audiobooks or swim workouts midstroke!






Cool down after your run with The Icy Cool Towel – great for sports, or relaxing on the beach.

Simple to use, wet the towel, give it a shake and in no time, the Ice Towel will drop in temperature and stay cool for hours.  Great budget gift for Christmas!







Park PZT-2 Pizza Tool – fun gift for a triathlete, or a cyclist.  Tuck into your pizza (carbo-loading, right?) and think of all the great cycle workouts you are going to be doing in the Spring!







Your shoe laces will never come undone again with Maple Leaf Yankz – Sure Lace System.  This product is designed for all sports enthusiasts .. walkers, runners, hikers, cyclists and gym rats. Expandable cords ensure that they provide maximum fit and comfort.



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