Barkley Marathons – close but no cigar for Gary Robbins

garyrobbins2Who hasn’t seen the documentary recently released on Netflix on the Barkley Marathons? The documentary seems to have gone viral in the last couple of months and runners and non-runners alike are talking about this crazy race organized by the charismatic, but slightly eccentric Gary “Laz” Cantrell.

This year, just a couple of weeks ago, our very own Gary Robbins (race organizer of the Squamish 50 and course record holder of HURT100) took on this huge challenge, and made an epic effort as a Barkley Virgin, completing four of the loops and some of the fifth (and final). After almost 60 hours of sleep deprivation and superhuman effort, Gary unfortunately had to drop as a slight navigational error lost him time. Following his progress on twitter and facebook had the ultra-running community in the Lower Mainland sitting on the edge of our seats. Watching the documentary on Netflix, and knowing someone who is out there doing it, are two different things and put the race in a whole new perspective. ‘The Barkley is tougher than I ever could have imagined’, says Gary in his blog post.  Read the rest of his blog here.

Jared Campbell, a Barkley Veteran and Gary’s well-chosen companion for the first four loops, became the first person to finish the Barkley three times.  Read about his experiences on his blog.

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