Kickstart your Christmas shopping! Great gift idea .. and a great cause!

It’s now December, Christmas is officially around the corner and it’s time to dust the cobwebs off the Christmas tree!  There’s a chill in the air, snow is predicted for next week .. and according to CBC a rare white Christmas might be on the cards.  Hopefully your snow tires are on, so that you can hit the ski slopes, or go snowshoeing.

What about Christmas shopping?  Still looking for that unique present for your outdoorsy husband, wife, boyfriend, friend, sister, brother?


Jackets for Jasper, a tiny home-based North Vancouver business, started in 2011 when Liz and Len went on their first trip to Nepal, fell in love with the country and their hiking guide and his family.  Read the full heart-warming story on their site, but in a nutshell, they teamed up with the guide to make down jackets in Nepal, and import them into Canada, selling them at 50% retail price, with the aim of providing  education for their two children, Resmi and Jasper.

Liz and Len’s support of the Nepalese communities doesn’t stop there.  After the terrible earthquakes in 2015, they raised money to provide immediate relief to the locals, and then to provide materials for them to rebuild houses.

A Jacket from Jasper is so much more than a gift to a loved one, it is also a gift of education to two little children in Nepal, and their biggest hope for the future.

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