Debunking some of your favourite eating myths:

foodpicEggs are bad for you …

Eggs, demonized for years for being high in Cholesterol, are actually the perfect food for us as they are loaded with proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and choline (which is important for brain health). An egg for breakfast is a great start to the day!

Saturated causes heart disease …

The war on fat was started a few decades ago, when an inconclusive study seemed to find a correlation between saturated fat and heart disease.  The truth is that saturated fat raises good cholesterol, and changes the bad cholesterol from very bad to benign.  In fact, beware of ‘low fat’ drinks or food, as often manufacturers substitute fat for sugar, high carbs and sometimes even trans-fat. Good sources of good fats include avocados, nuts (walnuts, almonds, pecans), seeds, fatty fish, olive oil and coconut oil.

Reduce salt to lower blood pressure and reduce heart attacks and strokes

Lowering salt reduces blood pressure slightly, but there are no studies that back up that it has an effect on heart attacks, strokes or deaths.  Everything in moderation – but no need to eat boring food for the rest of your life!

Coffee is bad for you!

All you coffee drinkers out there will love this one! Despite the bad wrap that coffee has had over the years, long-term studies show that coffee may actually reduce your risk level for some diseases, such as Type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and may even reduce the risk of liver diseases by up to 80%.  Coffee also has a ton of antioxidants!

Wholewheat bread is an essential part of a balanced diet

Not necessarily! For many years (in fact, for around 100,000 years it seems), we have considered wheat as a staple in our diet, and in the past it was likely more nutritious than it is now.  However, today, much of the grain we eat in North America is genetically modified, and this inevitably brings with it a whole list of side effects for our health.  In ‘Wheat Bellies’, the 2011 best-seller by cardiologist William Davis, MD, he blames wheat as a contributor to the worldwide obesity problem.  Much of the later research seems to be pointing towards a low-carb diet generally, as Ketogenic diets take centre stage.

Sugar is OK

Sugar now seems to have now been recognized as the real culprit for obesity and many health issues – and the problem is that it lurks in almost everything, from peanut butter, to ketchup, to salad dressings etc. Even breakfast cereals are often coated with sugar, to make them more appealing. Next time you order a Starbuck’s Chai Tea Latte Venti, think twice .. it has 13 teaspoons of sugar!

Points to take home – eggs, good fats, coffee are hot, and sugar is not! Take carbs and salt in moderation!  And, of course, get out there and exercise every day!

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