The world came to Vancouver last weekend .. for the BMO Vancouver half and full Marathon

vanmarathon16,000 runners from 65 different countries came to Vancouver last weekend for the 2017 BMO Vancouver Marathon.

Kip Kangogo, originally from Kenya but now living in Lethbridge, AB, missed last year’s race as his baby boy was born on the day of the marathon, but came back to Vancouver this year to win the Vancouver half marathon with a time of 1:06:07.  On twitter, Kip told his followers ‘My goal for @BMOVanMarathon is to run my race and have an enjoyable and memorable race. Stunning Vancouver offers the best race to run.’ And that’s exactly what he did, ran his race and beat all the other contenders to the finish line.  Kip represented Canada at the Pan Am Games in 2015 and won the Canadian Half Marathon title the same year.

Olympian, Natasha Wodak, won the women’s title for the half marathon in 1:12:58. Natasha is the Canadian record holder for 10000 and 8km distances. On her website, she claims that running is her passion, but cats are a close second ;-)

Daniel Kipoech, earned his second Vancouver marathon win with a time of  2:19:09, two minutes faster than last year, but surprisingly short of the time he posted when he came second in 2015 – 2:18:49.  Daniel loves the Vancouver community, which is why he keeps coming back. “They’re so cheerful, loving and welcoming. It’s a beautiful place, especially the people”, he quotes.

Kenyan, Gladys Tarus wins the women’s title for the full marathon, with a time of 2:39:38. Gladys had her dreams of joining the Air Force dashed in 2010 over allegations from the Defence Ministry that her medical tests had shown her to be pregnant.  However, independent testing showed that this wasn’t the case.  This created a lot of contraversy over possible corruption, and Gladys was apparently not the only woman in this situation. However, she turned the negative into a positive, and focused on her athletics career, and she now has the Vancouver marathon win to add to her accolades.

Olympian race walker, Evan Dunfee, walked the Vancouver marathon and left all but 132 runners in the dust, with an incredible time of 3:10:35.

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

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