Squamish to Skagway .. on skis!

coastmountainMartina and Tania Halik, a Mother and Daughter team, have just completed an epic journey of more than 2,300 kms from Squamish to Skagway, Alaska, on skis! Ferney residents, Martina and Tania Halik have ample outdoor expertise; Martina as an avalanche technician and Tania as a forecaster with Avalanche Canada.  Growing up, Martina’s summers were filled with canoeing in the summer, and skiing in the winter, with other outdoor activities thrown in; rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and general adventuring. Tania escaped then Czech Republic, which was then under Soviet rule, with her husband, on foot, when she was two months pregnant.  She lived in Switzerland for a couple of years and then settled in Canada 28 years ago.

The Halik duo left Squamish on January 19th for their six months’ adventure,  which included crossing 15 major icefields and 12 large river valleys.  On the way they survived running out of food, avalanches, crevasses, skiing in unbelievably difficult terrain and adverse weather conditions including several white outs.

Martina and Tania finished today, June 21st.  When interviewed on the radio, Martina said that her mother was her strength.  Always positive in the face of adversity, her mother was her strength and kept her going through the difficult times.

Read their blog here to learn more about the journey and to see some incredibly beautiful landscapes.

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