Course record set at Knee Knacker yesterday!

kk2017Near perfect conditions for this year’s epic Knee Knacker race yesterday, and a new overall course record of 4:32:03 from Nick Elson.  It’s hard to believe that Nick made it up Black Mountain to the first quarter mark in 1hr 19!  As Nick was crossing the finish line, some of us were still on our way to Cleveland Dam!

Congratulations also to Katie Mills, the first woman over the finish line with an amazing 6:06:15.  You’ll likely catch Katie in the Salomon store in Park Royal!

The reward for completing this gnarly, 30 miler, and making it to the finish line at Deep Cove, was, as always, the ‘party in the park’ and a free beer!  The lengths us runners will go to for a free beer!

It’s always inspirational to watch people cross the finish line, but the real heros are the runners who are chasing the cut offs and do a superhuman sprint to the finish to cross the line with minutes or seconds to spare.

Who’s signing up for the lottery for next year?

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