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Seek the Peak

Congratulations to all the teams and solo runners that took part in the Seek the Peak last weekend. This classic Vancouver race …


Breakfast of Champions

According to Runner’s World, Alysia Montaño, a seven-time U.S. 800-meter champion, starts her day with oatmeal with a ton of fixings; four …


Antelope Canyon

A whole bunch of BC ultra-runners recently went down to Antelope Canyon, east of Page (which, by the way, has a great …


HURT 100 – on a Paleo diet!

Jeff Browning from Missouri, brought up running around a 700-acre farm, added 1st place at HURT 100 to his accolade of titles …


Ironman Canada 2015

July 26th marked the 3rd Whistler Ironman Canada, and nature played a cruel trick on the 1900 or so participants.  After almost …


Volunteers needed for Fat Dog Aug 14-16

Mountain Madness is looking for volunteers before, during and after the race weekend (Aug 14-16).  They are looking for aid station volunteers, sweeps, finish …